I’m Not Alone…

I’m not alone on Wednesdays when I go to the Gifted Center at school… I have lots of friends.  I’ll go in order of the blog roll.  First is Caleb, his blog has a funky them and likes he to put his own twist on everything.  Then there’s Coleman whose blog is very advanced because he excels at everything he does.  Next is Edie who’s creativity outshines everything.  Ellie is the Drama Queen but in a good way that makes everyone laugh.  Then there is Grace who is all knowing about everything fashion.  Ireland is the girl who always has something positive to say.  Joseph, aka “Broseph”  has some mind connection with Caleb because they are just like Fred and George (Harry Potter).  Kalina is really sweet and always there for you. Katherine is the book lover through and through. Yashi is the incredible artist. Last but definitely not least is the incredible, awesome Ms. Schmidt who is the most fun teacher I know.  I wouldn’t want to be in E.L. with anyone else.

Not So New Year

You are probably wondering about the title of this post… well here it is- I don’t believe that the New Year starts on January First.  How do we know when the year starts and ends?  Are we really just going to follow the same routine?  I think the new year starts when you need it.  It might be at a different time for different people. Who knows?  Think about that for a while.

Snow Days

Good Things

  • Played a lot in the snow
  • Went sledding
  • Had LOTS of hot chocolate
  • Went to a basketball game

Bad Thing

  • My cousin’s 4 month year old baby died. They put him down for a nap at daycare, he didn’t wake up.

What is… Gifted

In Gifted Center this week, we took some tests to find out about ourselves.  First, I took a test on my positive and negative characteristics.  I had 15 good characteristics and 14 bad ones.  The second test I took was the Learning Style Test.  The three styles of learning are visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.  I am kinesthetic which means that I like learning in a way in which I actually carry out a physical activity, rather than listening to a lecture or just watching a demonstration.  The third test I took was the Color Test.  My dominant color was green then blue, orange, and yellow.  Green means that I am logical and I think a lot about things.  The last test I took was the Myers-Briggs Test on which I got INFJ.  That means I am conscientious and value-driven.  I also seek meaning in relationships, ideas, and events.  Using my intuitive skills, I develop a clear vision, which I then use decisively to make the lives of others better.  INFJs think of problems as opportunities to design and invent creative solutions.INFJs are quiet individuals who prefer to use their influence behind the scenes.Although we are independent, sensitive, and complex, INFJs are very interested in the well-being of others. INFJs prefer one-on-one relationships to large groups.  We are leaders of the world but we prefer to work from behind the scenes.  That, is all the cool, new stuff I learned about myself.

My First Goal

My first goal this year is to make an educational video that films a series of demonstrations that show the differences and similarities between a person who can see and a visually impaired person’s every day life.  I am interested in the visually impaired because I studied Helen Keller.  I am very excited and I hope I do a good job.

What Inspires Me?

I get inspired when I play golf because it eases my mind and everything is so beautiful.  I get inspired by old-fashioned things (a.k.a. the doll) because they are more interesting than modern things.  I put “Live the Magic” on my inspiration board because the universe is so mystical and most people ignore that fact.  I get inspired by many things, but most of all I get inspired by listening.